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Colchester - Hard as Nails

With the takeover of Colchester based Pearl water softeners back in the early 90s, Phoenix Water Services have continued to deliver a reliable water softener and salt delivery service to the Colchester boroughs and the surrounding district of Tendring. We cover all the small villages and towns around Colchester including the districts of West Mersea, Wivenhoe and Lexden up to Brightlingsea, Frinton-on-Sea and Clacton-on-Sea.

What is hard water?

Hard water is the result of calcium and magnesium being absorbed into your water supply as it flows through sediment underground. Although perfectly safe the effects of hard water are present in our homes in the form of limescale. Dry skin? Shower head not spraying water properly? Running out of hot water? The effects of hard water are prevalent throughout your home.

What is the water hardness level in Colchester?

From our experience of working in the Colchester areas, we typically find the water hardness levels to be anywhere from 340 parts per million to 420 parts per million (VERY HARD)

If you are fed up of constantly cleaning the white water marks off your shower screen, install a water softener from Phoenix Water Services Ltd today.

Our family run company offer free expert advice, answering all your queries and helping you to decide on the most suitable water softener for you and your home. We are a completely independent water softener company supplying a wide range of water softeners from the UK and USA’s top manufactures.

Call our office on 01375 645678 and speak to Sally for further information