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03/02/2013 - Everpure drinking filter systems - NOW IN STOCK




Did you know that Everpure® water filters remove 99.9% of potential tap water contaminants - Iron, Lead. Copper, Aluminium, Asbestos fibres and cysts such as Cryptosporidium?............TASTES BETTER ALREADY DOESN'T IT?

EVERPURE® treats your mains water supply to give you water that is purer - and fresher - than bottled water and much, much cheaper. The Everpure® drinking water system removes all off-tastes and odours but leaves all nature's beneficial minerals. It's not just for drinking, either. Everpure® treated water will improve the taste of your tea, coffee, soft drinks and even food cooked in water and fruit

The Everpure® drinking water system kits come complete with all high quality parts making installation easier for any DIY enthusiast. Included in our kits is a stylish quarter turn mini tap which fits neatly and unobtrusively to your sink or adjacent worktop. The tap, available in a choice of two colours (chrome or brushed chrome), provides pure fresh water at a finger-touch (no more heavy bottled water to carry home!) The Everpure® filter cartridge is fixed discreetly underneath your kitchen worktop.

H-104-1 lTHE COST? Everpure® filtered water costs only 2% of the price of bottled water. each filter cartridge provides approximately 4,000 litres of filtered water - enough to last the average household for up to 12 months. This is a very cost effective way of having fresh filtered drinking water.

Phoenix Water's Everpure drinking filter systems start from £136.50 inc VAT. Phoenix Water Services LTD can install one of our systems in your home or office for £75.00 inc VAT (+ price of kit) ALREADY HAVE A DRINKING FILTER SYSTEM?  Using your current mini faucet or 3 way tap, Phoenix Water Services can upgrade your current water filter system to a new Everpure H104 system (cartridge and head) for a total of £110.00 inc VAT

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