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If you live in the Billericay and Wickford areas then you live in a hard water area. Spot marks will appear almost immediately, and scale will start to build up as soon as you turn on the tap. If this is left untreated scale will severely reduce the efficiency of your hot water system and other appliances in the house, such as washing machines, showers and kettles. The solution? A water softener! If you’re still not convinced then here are just some of the benefits gained when having a water softener in your home. • You can save over 50% on detergents, washing powders, shampoo and conditioner. • Water softeners help reduce skin problems and irritation. • Heating bills can be reduced by up to 20% by improving the efficiency of your heating system. • A water softener will extend the life of your domestic appliances and reduce repair and replacement cost. • Minerals that leave stains and residues on baths, shower enclosures, sinks and kettles are filtered out of your water, leaving it clean and soft. You will make savings on electricity, detergents, heating costs and so on which far outweigh the one-time expense of buying a water softener. Did you know that for an average family of 4, a water softener can pay for its self within 2-4 years! So what are you waiting for, go on, give Phoenix Water Services Ltd a call today for a free no obligation quote, and let soft water make a difference in your home.