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The hard water experienced in the town of Bishop's Stortford and the surrounding East Hertfordshire districts is some of the hardest water the Phoenix Water team has experienced. The high mineral content (calcium and magnesium) in your water supply not only effects your home but also your wallet.

Scale and scum leave your newly fitted kitchen and bathrooms looking dull and are hard to clean. Obviously these effects are visible but just imagine what this is doing to your pipework, boiler, dishwasher, washing machine - the list goes on.

The answer? A water softener from Phoenix Water Services Ltd

Since 1981 Phoenix Water Services Ltd has installed hundreds of various water softener systems in the Bishop's Stortford area. We have a free salt delivery service and can deliver to your area at least once per week.

If you are looking for a reputable water softener company that has knowledge and experience of treating the hard water in the Bishop’s Stortford area why not give the Phoenix Water Services team a call?

bishops stortford water softener

" A professional, family run business that is both reliable and friendly. I have been using the company for 10yrs and although there are similar companies nearer, I will continue to use the expertise of Phoenix Water because of their personal professionalism and trustworthiness."
 Mrs Bowker, Elsenham