Benefits of softened water

Hard Water produces an expensive coat of limescale which is damaging to your home, and your family. Softened water will not only prevent the build up of limescale but if will also gradually dissolve existing limescale within your home making it cleaner and more efficient and saving you money

Hard vs soft water – whats the difference?

Many people have struggled against hard water for years without realising that there is a solution! We regularly have new customers tell us that they ‘wish that they had installed a softener years ago.

They work harder and spend more money to reduce limescale in their homes. They repair and replace heating systems and appliances without realising that they can prevent the damage. They wash excess detergents down the drain in an effort to create a lather and irritate their skin in the process.

Soft water can change people’s lives…. A big claim but it can protect their homes, free up time they spent cleaning and maintaining, reduce their energy and shopping bills and make them healthier.

Find our how a water softener can help to change your life

Improve condition of skin and hair

Hard Water aggravates skin conditions and can break down the barrier of sensitive skin, causing eczema and dermatitis, especially in infants. More detergent, which is an irritant to sensitive skin, is needed to create a lather with hard water and so irritation is increased.

Soft water is kinder on the skin and hair. You also need less, or sometimes, no products so the potential for irritation is reduced. Many of our customers say that softened water dramatically improves their skin condition. They save money on shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soaps and also on creams to calm and moisturise their irritated skin.

Save time and money

Hard water minerals are left as a deposit whenever hard water is heated or left to evaporate. In your kitchen, when hard water boils, it creates limescale in your kettle or boiling water system.  It also stains and damages taps and leaves ‘spotting’ on sinks and shower screens this can often result in permanent pitting and damage. Limescale also builds up on heating elements and components in appliances often making them inefficient or causing breakdowns

Installing a water softener will reduce your cleaning time on taps, sinks and shower screens.  Once you have soft water, cleaning does not require as much effort or use as many cleaning materials. Soft water will protect your appliances from damage, reduce maintenance bills and prolong their lifespan.

You can reduce your detergent for cleaning and in your appliances, washing machines and dishwashers, by around two thirds and you won’t need to buy premium products to get good results – good for the environment and your wallet.

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